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For Your Information - New Toothpastes, Rinses, and Chewing Gums

The tooth-care wars seem endless, with ever-newer formulas promising to eliminate plaque, tartar and fight gum disease.  How well do these latest toothpastes and rinses work?  It depends on how serious the problem is.  Mouth rinses may help reduce gingivitis, but they are virtually useless in improving periodontis.  Anti-tartar toothpastes slightly reduce tartar buildup above the gumline but not below the gumline.  The best toothpaste, say the experts, is a fluoride formula that has been approved by the ADA.

Surprisingly, of all the products available, chewing gum may hold the greatest promise for reducing tooth decay.  Sugar-free gums can stimulate saliva, which in turn can reduce plaque-causing bacteria.  And new ingredients in certain gums may have even more effects.  The gums tend to have a very strong flavor to cover up the less pleasant active ingredients and they do cost more than ordinary chewing gum.  If you are at high risk of dental trouble, then these gums are probably beneficial.

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