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Dental Insurance Information

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance is a contract between your employer and a dental insurance company. The benefits you receive are determined by the terms of the agreement, not by your dentist’s office. The services covered are based on the cost of the policy to your employer and the negotiated arrangements made with the dental insurance company.

Insurance Coverage:

Dental Insurance Companies rarely cover 100 percent of any dental fee and often cover less than fifty percent or nothing at all. If a service is not covered by your insurance contract, it does not mean that it is not needed, just that your benefits do not cover it. Another fact that is often misunderstood by patients is that each dental insurance plan has a dollar amount limitation each year. Once that limit is reached, no other service will be covered by your dental insurance company.

Also confusing to many patients is the term UCR, "usual, customary, and reasonable," which is found in many dental policies. UCR reimbursement levels are determined by the dental plan administrators and may vary a great deal between plans — even if those plans operate in the same area. The amount the insurance company determines to be "customary" fees may be very low compared to the area’s average professional fee for the same services.

Our goal at this office is to help you achieve optimal dental care which is not necessarily the goal of your dental insurance company. We will do everything possible to help you understand your benefits. We will also complete and submit claims to your insurance company, allowing you to achieve the maximum benefits to which you are entitled.

Some services are generally not covered by dental insurance companies. These include implants, cosmetic dentistry, and other services. Although these are important dental services that can greatly enhance your life, dental insurance companies do not feel that they should have to pay for these.

Any time you have a question about your dental insurance, please do not hesitate to ask us. Dental insurance is changing almost daily, becoming more complex and difficult to understand. This is often due to the quest by the insurance companies to reduce costs. Our office prides itself in helping our patients in any way and in continuing to provide the quality of care to which you have become accustomed.

Dr. Netter accepts all traditional dental insurance plans.

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