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New Patients

Dr. Netter welcomes all new patients!  Our patients and their word of mouth referrals are some of our strongest assets.  If you are a new patient or would like to refer a new patient to us, please keep in mind the following . . .

1. Call us to make an appointment at 847-635-1176.  If you do not reach us during office hours, please feel free to leave a message, with your contact number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. If you plan to use dental insurance to pay for your visit, please confirm ahead of time with Dr. Netter that your insurance is valid at our office.  Click here to get an incomplete list of current plans accepted by Dr. Netter.

3. If you are transferring from another dentist, be sure to call and have your patient record (including x-rays) forwarded on to us at:

Dr. Maurice A. Netter, 9101 N. Greenwood, Suite 305, Niles, IL 60714

This will help us better care for you and avoid any unnecessary repeats of procedures.

4. On the day of your visit:

5. We require all new patients to complete a Patient Medical History.  You can complete this form in our office during your first appointment.  Or, to expedite your initial visit, you can download and fill-out this form ahead of time by clicking here.  Then, either bring a hard copy of this form with you or e-mail it back to us as an attachment.  

6. Above all else, we are here to assist you with any problems or concerns that you might have.  Please call us at 847-635-1176 or e-mail us if there are any questions we can answer or any way we can be of help to you.  Also, there are a wealth of resources located on this site.  Please take some time to look through the information we have posted.  We value you as a patient!

For Choice of Dentists Information, click here.

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