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Preparing Young Children for Their First Dental Visit

For the majority of children, age 3 is the ideal time for the first visit to the dentist – unless there is an immediate problem that needs to be cared for sooner.  On the first visit, the dentist will usually count the child’s teeth and polish (tickle) them.  A fluoride treatment may be swabbed on the teeth and a small toy will be given to the child at the end of the visit.

If parents can read a book about a child’s first visit to the dentist before the appointment, this can be helpful.  Also, letting the child come with a parent on their visit will acquaint them with the office. 

Schedule your appointment when your child will be alert and rested, not tired and cranky.

Answer your child’s questions positively.  It helps if you don’t express your own fears!!

Make the day special for your child – schedule a treat or lunch after the visit.           

We are creatures of habit so the earlier you begin focusing on good dental health habits, the more likely it will become an important part of your child’s daily routine.  Make sure your child has regular dental visits every six months.

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